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Fluidity Series

Fluidity” delves into the intricate dynamics of natural elements showcasing the adaptive and flexible nature of our ecosystems. This series vividly illustrates the interconnectedness and ever-changing interactions within our environment. Observing these elements reveals how our ecosystem is adaptive and resilient – a profound lesson for us, Human, to learn.

With over ten year experience in pointillism techniques, Roxana Bahrami merges this method of painting with rich texturing to create abstract representations of water, air, soil, forest and terrain.

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Empowerment, fulfillment, and enjoyment through hands-on workshops.

Roxana Bahrami is a self-taught artist based in Guelph Ontario who is using pointillism in her work. She is a member of Guelph Arts Council, Guelph Studio Tour and a University of Guelph alumni. She is an advocate of using art as a form of mindfulness activity. She believes that this integration is important for the wellbeing of individuals on a personal level, as well as for businesses, triggering creativity, productivity, and innovative thinking in the workplace.  She is a certified Knowledge Management professional and tries to depict fluidity in her pieces.  

She is also running mindfulness through art workshops/virtual workshops for the local non for-profit organizations.


M.Sc., B.Sc., CKM 

About Us

About Me

I am fascinated by dots and circles, perhaps because they don't have beginnings or ends. As a self-taught artist, I began using this painting technique to bring calmness into my busy and stressful life and quickly discovered the immense positive impact it had. I wanted to share its benefits with others, particularly those with no background in drawing and painting, and decided to develop dot painting workshops. This decision has been profoundly rewarding. Witnessing the imagination and vision of participants come to life continues to provide inspiration, and I look forward to continuing on this journey! 

Dot Painting Workshops

The process of dot painting helps you explore self-expression, gain personal self-esteem and develop new coping skills. (Read More)

"Physical and virtual workshops" are available. No background in drawing or painting required.

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"I was able to let go of my worries of the day as I focused on the colours and design of my mandala and proved to myself that I too could be creative." 

Ruth - Mother & Grandmother   



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Nicole Fantin
Nicole Fantin, Art Therapist, Hospice Wellington)

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege to work in collaboration with Roxana in the development and delivery of several intentional workshop series in support of bereavement clients at Hospice Wellington. The act of creation using mindful dot-painting to the support of individuals experiencing significant loss was an able companion to our therapeutic encounter to support emotional processing, Roxana a welcome and attentive companion to the deliverance of a program we would be privileged to continue in future seasons. Brilliant encounters with value and benefit felt by those who were able to connect to the practice.

Sarah Stariotto,
Administrative Assistant at Upper Grand District School

"Roxana has been a facilitator with Continuing Education since 2019.  She offers a variety of dot painting classes on various media including mandala on canvas, wood, stones, and ornaments.  Her students continue to rave about her artistic techniques and her teaching style, being both approachable and enthusiastic.  Roxana is a pleasure to work with, she is truly passionate about her art and her talent is stellar.  Her creativity and raw talent knows no bounds!​"

Kelly Meeussen
Community Programs Assistant at Township of Guelph/Eramosa  

It was a pleasure working with Roxana as we navigated online teaching for the older adult members of our centre.  Roxana brought unique and interesting ideas to the group as they continued to learn the technique of dot painting on a new canvas each week!  The slides and videos were extremely well done and easy to follow.  Roxana was able to speak to each slide and help the participants with their projects and inspire them at the same time.  Roxana was very engaging and provided a relaxing and safe environment to share.   Roxana is a true artist and we look forward to having her back to the centr “ in person” one day soon!  On behalf of all the participants and myself, thank you for the joy and happiness you brought to us each week!  Especially during this time!

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