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Dot Painting to Increase Focus

Our minds often travel between the past and the future, either harboring feelings of regret and longing or anxiety and worry for what lies ahead. When you paint, you are immediately drawn into the present moment. Through the meditative repetition of applying dots to a surface, your mind remains focused and grounded. 

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Dot Painting for Relaxation

Dot painting is an excellent stress reliever. When you focus, you become absorbed in your creation. This prevents negative thoughts from emerging, resulting in an overall feeling of calmness and relaxation. 

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Dot Painting to Enhance Creativity

Each of us has a creative side – let me help you find yours. Doing any kind of art activates the reward center of your brain, and seeing your final piece will give you a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. 

Workshop 5.jpg

Dot Painting for Joy and Team Building

Previous experience in painting or drawing is not required for dot painting, making it an activity that everyone can enjoy. The workshop environment also provides a social event free of judgement and centered around mindfulness and fun. 

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Mindfulness Dot Painting promotes empowerment, focus and happiness

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